Recall Case

The following is a case of a 65-year-old male that was initially seen in January 2000. There was a RCT and a full gold crown on tooth #19. The patient has chewing sensitivity on tooth #19 and the PA reveals that there is a PARL on this tooth.  The RCT obturation was short and thin on tooth #19.   Tooth #20 has a crown with a silver point RCT. Tooth #20 was WNL to diagnostic testing and there is a widened PDL on this tooth.

recall case 1

Pre-op 01/25/2000


Tooth #19 was retreated using calcium hydroxide with was placed in the canals for two weeks.

Recall case 2


Tooth #19 was obturated with gutta percha, Roth’s sealed and closed with cotton and Cavit.

recall case 3


Patient was seen for an evaluation of tooth #20 recently and this tooth will require an apicoectomy. Tooth #19 can also be seen on the PA and there is evidence of complete healing on tooth #19. Tooth #19 still has the same gold crown and it was sealed the access was sealed with an amalgam.

recall case 5                     Recall 7

Pre-op                                                                   Post-op

01/25/2000                                                            09/24/2015


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