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With the appropriate care, your teeth that have had endodontic treatment will last as long as other natural teeth. Yet, a tooth that has received treatment may fail to heal or pain may continue to exist. Sometimes, the pain may occur months or years after treatment. If so, Endodontic Retreatment may be needed.

Are You Seeking Relief from a Painful or Sensitive Tooth?

Pain in your tooth or gums may be a symptom of infected pulp. Drs. Moretton, Vail and Mintz can perform a Root Canal to treat the infected pulp, relieve pain, and save your natural teeth!

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Improper healing may be caused by:

    endodontic retreatment pre-opEndodontic retreatment

  • Curved or narrow canals were not treated during the initial treatment.
  • Complicated canals went undetected during the initial root canal treatment.
  • The crown or restoration was not placed within the appropriate amount of time following the procedure.
  • The crown or restoration did not prevent saliva from contaminating the inside of the tooth.

In some cases, new problems can influence a tooth that was successfully treated:

    X-ray of an infected tooth in need of root canal retreatment

  • New decay can expose a root canal filling material, causing infection.
  • A cracked or loose restoration can expose the tooth to new infection.

Once retreatment has been selected as a solution to your problem, the doctors will reopen your tooth to gain access to the root canal filling material. This restorative material will be removed to enable access to the root canal. The doctors will now clean your canals and carefully examine the inside of the problematic tooth. Once cleaned, the doctors will fill and seal the canals and place a temporary filling in the tooth.

At this point, you will need to return to your dentist as soon as possible in order to have a new crown or restoration placed on the tooth to restore full functionality.

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Patient Review by Daniel T

Thanks for taking care of me

- Daniel T

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Patient Review by James Z

Dr. Tod Moretton was very detailed and professional in explaining the issue of my tooth. I really appreciate his experiences and service. I would highly recommend Dr. Moretton to my friends.

- James Z

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Patient Review by Susan D

Overall experience was exceptional!

- Susan D

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Patient Review by Susan D

Considering this was a treatment I was disappointed to need, the experience could not have been better. I was impressed with the professionalism of ALL the staff, not just Dr. Vail. As a retired RDH I am hard to please and I would have to give a 10+ rating!

- Susan D

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Patient Review by Sabine C

Great place to go! My friend drove me and the office was so comfortable for her which was nice while she waited for me! I had really great interactions with every single staff member/doctor there and everyone put me at ease!

- Sabine C

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Patient Review by Elaine H

Thanks for helping me find an oral surgeon the Friday before Christmas!

- Elaine H

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Patient Review by Eduardo M

Great service, knowledgeable staff.

- Eduardo M

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Patient Review by Brandy G

Dr. Vail and her staff were amazing and provided excellent patient care

- Brandy G

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Patient Review by Caroline M

Professional and caring staff. I was comfortable and relaxed during procedure.

- Caroline M

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Patient Review by Ashley M

Absolutely wonderful staff. Dr. Vail was so kind and gentle. She made my experience next to painless. They talked me through things and I truly felt cared for in a special way. After my root canal retreatment, they called to check on me to see how I was feeling. I’ve never had any other dental office do that. They truly are the best of the best. Thank you!

- Ashley M

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Patient Review by Ronda M

There is no other place to go when in need for endodontic treatment. Everything is top notch here. They have the friendliest dental staff, the doctors are so comforting and professional. The office is always clean with a relaxed atmosphere. Thank you for always taking good care of me @endospecialistfishers

- Ronda M

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Patient Review by Blessing I

Everyone at this location is very knowledgeable and professional. I had an amazing experience with my root canal retreatment.

- Blessing I

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Patient Review by Suzanne K

An exceptional experience for what could have been an uncomfortable process. I never was uncomfortable. Dr Moretton and his ENTIRE team made this a very good experience. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

- Suzanne K

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Patient Review by Dorothy M

Overall a very good experience with a great outcome.

- Dorothy M

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Patient Review by Taylor P

Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful

- Taylor P

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Patient Review by Mary

Always excellent service

- Mary

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Patient Review by Marilyn N

I highly recommend Dr. Mychel Vail. I have had some very painful dental experiences in my life and when I found out I was going to need a retreatment of a root canal I was very upset. But Dr. Vail's compassionate manner immediately put me at ease. She was able to remove a very large post and deal with the retreatment of my root canal with gentleness and expertise. The procedure was painless. Everyone in the office provided excellent care making sure I was comfortable and relaxed.

- Marilyn N

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Patient Review by Jennifer T

Dr. Vail and everyone at this office, from reception to dental assistants, were amazing. Thank you so much for helping me!

- Jennifer T

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Patient Review by Tiffany P

Everyone was so nice both visits. I am so appreciative that I was fit into the schedule quickly.

- Tiffany P

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Patient Review by Ashley H

The entire staff is friendly, kind and very welcoming. I've been to a few endos and dental specialists; hands down this was the best experience I've had. Dr. Vail is extremely comforting, knowledgeable and was available for a call on the weekend when I needed some emergency additional medication. Brittany is an awesome assistant and made my visit so easy. I really appreciate the staff knowing and using my name - it felt personal and like my care was important to each person in the office caring for me. Lastly - GENIUS idea with the masks in the aftercare bag, in addition to other trinkets that were nice to have. Thanks - will recommend to my friends and family and share my feedback with my referring GP.

- Ashley H

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