Prior to Sedation Appointment Checklist

You have been given two prescriptions to have filled prior to your endodontic appointment.

The first prescription is for Valium. You are to take one tablet(s) (5mg total) thirty minutes before bedtime the night prior to appointment. This will help you get a restful night’s sleep.

The second prescription is for Halcion. You are to take one tablet (0.25mg) an hour prior to your appointment on an empty stomach. You will arrive at our office at, where you will be monitored and your level of sedation will be evaluated. If necessary, additional medication will be administered.  As was discussed during your consultation, a driver will be needed to take you to and from your appointment.

  • □ Smokers:Nicotine levels in your blood will affect your sedation experience
    • ~Less than ½ pack a day? Refrain from smoking for 12 hours
    • ~ ½ – full pack a day? Refrain from smoking for 8 hours
    • ~ 1-1 ½ packs a day? Refrain from smoking for 4 hours
    • ~ More than 1 ½ packs a day? Smoke right before coming to the office
  • □ No Alcohol or Narcotic drugs:
    We cannot safely sedate you if you have consumed alcohol, narcotics of any type (including Vicodin/Hydrocodone) or any street or recreational drugs.
  • □ No Grapefruit Juice or Caffeine for 12 hours:
    Consuming caffeine will limit your level of sedation (coffee, tea, caffeinated soft drinks, etc).
  • □ Nothing to eat or drink after midnight
  • □ Wear light-weight comfortable clothing, preferably with short sleeves
  • □ Wear comfortable shoes and socks
  • □ Do not operate heavy equipment and/or drive after taking your Valium the night before your appointment

It is absolutely essential that your escort drives you to/from your appointment. We will not be able to proceed with your appointment if you drive yourself.

Your driver will need instructions prior to your dismissal, so please have him/her speak with the dental team before leaving the office. Your driver is welcome to remain here during your sedation visit.

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